Welcome to the North Okanogan – and we mean it when we say it is “The most beautiful place you’ve never heard of“. The region is blessed with abundant natural beauty and thanks to our largely agriculture-based economy even those places touched by the hand of man have great beauty.

Oroville, WA looking southeast with Lake Osoyoos in the foreground 

As a vacation spot or a place to explore while traveling, you will find our friends and their businesses friendly and accommodating. We are a small town economy and so there is little differentiation between our friends and our businesses. Tourism is important here but well down the list of priorities so what you see is small-town America going about our working days, doing what we enjoy, and out of innate friendliness, making time to make your time with us informed, comfortable and enjoyable.

Yet Unnamed Havillah Road Erratic
“Split Rock” near Havillah Road, Tonasket, a glacial erratic from a time when this area was under a mile thick sheet of ice.

If you have interests in nature photography, fishing, boating, hiking, camping, skiing, observing wildlife, birding, or just relaxing at Farmer’s Markets and attending local events such as county fairs or rodeo action, we have it all. And we have wineries and breweries to visit as well. Our events calendar is often very filled with activities, and our venues are very generously (no-cover) hosting our musicians and artists, particularly from spring to the winter holidays. Local ghost towns, museums, historic visiting areas, and of course up close exposure to our astonishing geologic history are just some of what brings people back to our Okanogan year after year. Our night skies are among the darkest found in the lower 48 states and astronomy  observation and astro-photography are excellent.

Looking across the Okanogan River Valley to the southeast. Oroville is 3 miles to the north.

We’ve provided a services page to help visitors find essential services such as lodging, dining, laundry, shopping, entertainment, and more. And our  magazine pages present a great many stories about our area and cover a wide range of topics.

Thanks for including our Okanogan Country in your vacation and travel plans;  we hope you enjoy your time with us and that we’ll see you again!