Old Oroville seen through a new lens

I have this old photo of Oroville, Washington on my computer and it has always been of interest because it shows Oroville from about the same viewing angle as where I live. There are some buildings and features that are well documented and some still exist, though changed with time. Yesterday I happened to be viewing this image along with a set of newer images and was suddenly dumbstruck by something I’d overlooked earlier. A house in the old photo is still there, and the angle of reference was remarkably similar to what I can see looking out my window. Clearly the person who took that photo was standing very near then to where I am today. Here is the older photo looking southeast toward Oroville’s old downtown.

Here is a more recent photo taken from the deck of our home.

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You don’t have to look far to find Americana in the Okanogan

This is how you make people feel welcome in the Okanogan. A warm inviting place to get in out of the weather, shake off the cold, have a great cup of coffee and a pastry, and some conversation. The Malott Country Store – not your typical convenience store and not that far off the main highway. Close enough, in fact, to make it a habit.

Malott Country Store
Malott Country Store in Malott, WA

All-Star Jam at the Pastime Bar and Grill

What started out as a barbecue and jam at our home turned into a blow-out jam today at the Pastime Bar and Grill. Tim Naillon, on hearing about our planned barby, offered to host the jam  at the Pastime and that’s what we did. We set up the gear around noon and after a quick sound check the music filled the venerable old brick and mortar building.

The performers included Lota Duarte, Sandy Vaughn, Randy Battle, Linda Pruitt, Ron Champagne, Steve Sher, Steve Kelley, Dennis Peterson, Steve Pollard, Aaron Steiner, Andy Martincak, and from Twisp, the Slow Children At Play band. Music from several genre filled the air – Jazz, blues, folk-rock, heavy metal, rock-a-billy, and some tunes that really don’t fit in any genre except perhaps alternative.

We’d like to thank all the patrons and musicians who showed up to enjoy a day of free-spirited music making – we have some amazing talent in our little world. And some special thanks too, to Dianna and Tim Naillon for hosting such a large-scale production on short notice. We had taken over at least half of the diner area of their facility with people and gear.