While in Omak for other business we were pleased to see the Scooter McHatter’s restaurant was open for lunch (hours: 11am – 8pm). Fortunate for us because it was lunch time and we were in the mood for something new. And we got exactly that!

The new ownership has done a lot of work on the building and worked from a very nice pallet of colors. Clean and welcoming inside and out, the furniture and visual features are very well done. Booths, tables, and a sit-down counter look and are comfortable, and the walls are uncluttered and appropriately adorned with open space geometric panels and artwork.

It was approaching 102º outside but inside was very comfortable, and traffic noise all but disappeared. Being rather new there was plenty of seating available, but based on our experience this place is soon going to be very busy.

On receiving the menus we were both locked in on two specials like twin cruise missiles. From the name of the place we expected corned beef, pot pies, and potatoes and gravy, but what we saw among the usual menu items were choices of Teriyaki or Yakisoba! AWESOME! We ordered one of each and began to explore the room again.

While we were waiting we chatted with the owners and found they are planning on opening the pub again, and that they  serve only locally made beers and wines, and which fits perfectly with their slogan “Thinking local is being local“. Keeping things simple is very affordable, and our region’s wines and beers are very highly rated. They are also looking forward to having live music at least once each month, and as a member of a band I find that to be very good news!

Before long our meals were served and Oh My Gosh, were they delicious. The Yakisoba arrived in a huge kayak and looked like much more than I’d be able to finish, but finish I did. Wife Nancy got the Teriyaki and it matched pound for pound the meal before me, and she did not need a doggy box for left-overs, either.

Teriyaki Chicken with Rice

Teriyaki Chicken with Rice

Beef Yakisoba with Asian coleslaw

Beef Yakisoba with Asian coleslaw

We strongly recommend readers visit Scooter McHatter’s Facebook page and drop by the restaurant (Directions), have a look around, meet the new owners, and have a great meal. They also offer take-out, so you can get a great meal even if you’re short on time.

We’ll keep a light on for you!

Becky Desjardins of Oroville’s Hometown Pizza writes:

When we cut out the seating at night at the restaurant, what I did not realize was how much I would miss the customers. Without working days I missed seeing a lot of people. So Hometown will start having dine in again at night. We will still close at 8 so no dine in customers after 7:30. The cooks go home at 8 so unless you want me to cook your dinner (this is scary) you need to be seated by 7:30. It will be just like lunch, order at the counter. No reservations please and no parties over 14. Please be sure to check out our new web page at hometownpizzaoroville.com. It has the menu on it. Thank you so much to all of our great customers!!!!!

The awesome menu and hospitality we all loved is back and we couldn’t be happier. The best little town in the Okanogan just got better.

Hometown Pizza ~ Oroville

Hometown Pizza ~ Oroville

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After a lot of planning, hard work and a burst of energy in February The Texas Family Diner in Tonasket has opened their doors to rave reviews.

Texas Family Diner ~ Tonasket

Texas Family Diner ~ Tonasket

Here’s what people are saying:

The food and service were excellent, and the atmosphere great… I will be back.
~ Annie Wilkison

Best Pattie melt I’ve had. Fantastic good and service, I’ll be here often.
~ Melisa Waite

Great food at a great price! Friendly people and local! Thank you for coming to our little town!
~ Laurie Craig Baker

There is a stage and dance floor for live entertainment, and they are currently booking bands for live shows and weekly music jams. Contact Steven Cole for more information.

The Menu – Yum!

Texas Diner Breakfast Menu

Texas Diner Breakfast Menu

Texas Diner Lunch

Texas Diner Lunch

Texas Diner Dinner

Texas Diner Dinner

In the short term be aware they’re not accepting credit cards at this time, but that will be corrected very soon. Meantime, bring cash and have a great meal. I did!

The Texas Family Diner
220 Whitcomb Avenue (Hwy. 97)
Tonasket, Washington
509 486-4791
Hours: 7:00 am ~ 10:00 pm
Wednesday through Monday (closed Tuesdays)

Early Spring

by Dennis Peterson

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Our lawn is doing funny things. It has not been that many days since it lay buried under snow and ice, yellow and limp. It is greening and the limp is gone.

Our little avian visitors, so cheerful and friendly all summer and fall look upon us with malice for our lapse in keeping the feeders brimming. Our quail, instead of shouting “where are you” now seem to jeer “we’re here – where are YOU??”

Shooting Stars in Bloom

Shooting Stars in Bloom ~ A Linda Colvin photo

Spiders that winter over indoors and pop out of nowhere to scare the bejeezus out of you have abandoned our hospitality and warmth for the challenges of “the hunt”. We wish the creepy little buggers well and good riddance!

The deer that have tramped through our snow-planked yard in search of greener anything have returned to the hills, to old friends, and to rearing the next generation of tramps. We’re looking forward to their return – what is better for the heart than seeing nature share and enjoy our comfort.

The grapes are showing signs of needing a good prune, the vegetable garden needs a good infusion of last year’s compost, and we need to stock up on our Tylenol once more. Tomatoes for the deer and potatoes for us. Sunflowers for the community and hours of ripping up Shasta Daisies, peppers for the pot, basil for the stew, Thai basil for the soup. And peanuts, this year, to sweeten the soil. Don’t forget the Tylenol!

Serviceberry Shrubs Abloom

Serviceberry Shrubs Abloom ~ A Linda Colvin photo

Chores, fence mending, scraping and painting, reset the gutters – they took quite an ice burden this winter, a new roof for the garage, and maybe a nice gazebo for the upper lawn. Enough life is behind us that BIG plans are supplanted with “doables” – projects that won’t go unfinished. Funny how age defines how sturdy a shot of chain must be to last a lifetime.

We hope the prospect for an early spring is filling your thoughts with pleasant visions of the season of renewal.



Esther Bricques Winery has begun the 2016 Wine and Music series with live performances each Thursday evening from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm and featuring your favorite Okanogan Valley performers.

Esther Bricques Music Garden

Esther Bricques Music Garden

Oh – and in case you’ve lost count, it is 73 Days,13 Hours, 6 Minutes, 23 Seconds until Taber’s fruit barn opens for wine night Wednesdays! But who’s counting? Well, we are!

Taber's Taste of Summer

Taber’s Taste of Summer on the Deck

Photos provided by Esther Bricques Winery, and Copper Mountain Vineyards.