July 4th with the Taber Family

For a while Monday evening Oroville was no longer lost in space (see previous article). Thanks to the Oroville department of sky rockets department and the Taber family the sky was lit up bright for nearly 90 minutes. I don’t recall ever seeing so many exploding shells per minute as what we enjoyed this 4th. Being very family oriented the Tabers had a special area set up for kids to take part with safe but exciting fireworks, and there were dozens there to take advantage. The celebration was preceded by a presentation of the colors performed by the kids and the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner. Thanks to Dave and Judi and the entire family, and the city of Oroville for a fun evening.

Here’s a 7 minute vid which can’t capture the experience so be there next time!

And here is the presentation of the colors.

Presenting the Colors ~ A Toni Brown photo
Presenting the Colors ~ A Toni Brown photo

Help make Oroville Visible from Space

We’re invisible! What? Seriously – zoom in on this picture – we’re a black patch, we’re lost in space. This is a photo from the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) and Oroville is missing! Help us do something about this – make Oroville visible from space. We can do this and have fun doing it. Get off your couches and come into town and support our evening businesses!  We have venues offering no-cover live music at two wineries, a brewery, a bar and grill, Vicki’s back door and the Eagles club, two grocery stores to shop at, and restaurants for dinner after a beautiful riverside walk.

Rumor has it there will be Friday evening live music at the Centennial Park completely without warning, so come to town and see what’s happening. Watch the events calendar here, too. We’ll let you know what’s happening.

Pump up your tires and get on your bike! You know you need it. Bring a flashlight and help light up Oroville!

Home town guitar hero headed to New York

We’re big fans of Cory Pellegrini and are very happy for him as he takes his music career to the next level and on the road to New York City. He will be auditioning for the television series The Voice and we wish him well. He will be singing a Blake Shelton song and Cory’s hoping Blake will prefer his version over the original.

Cory Pellegrini - A Teresa Hawkins Photo
Cory Pellegrini – A Teresa Hawkins Photo