Endless Winter

By James Gutschmidt

This is the year of the endless winter in the North Okanogan Highlands. The snow fall topped 3 feet. We’re going into April with over two feet of snow and more expected. Every vehicle here in our neighborhood has been stuck in the snow or mud or broken down multiple times. Early March brought 18 inches of snow, and whiteout conditions.

White Out in March
White Out in March

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James Gutschmidt shares a poetic view of the High Okanogan

Story and images provided by
James Gutschmidt

Today, Saturday the 28th, I now understand why Mary Lou and I live where we do. From up here at 4000 feet, we see the distant clouds that lay like a lake 2000 feet above the Oroville valley below. The white capped Cascades, in a neat row, float above westward to northward, to where the arctic winds blow. The foreground valley is blanketed in a quilt of various shades of brown and white snow. The sun languishes, then sets in the west, sooo slow. The sky hangs, a clear sky blue, with a yellowish golden horizontal hew. All is still … the air is sooo cool. We may not be rich, but my God, what a view! Whew!

The vista described above can be viewed, minus the snow and cloud cover, in the archives of water color artist Jim Weaver at the following website: Jim Weaver – Paintings Sold and in Collections under the title “A Thousand Hills.”

“A Thousand Hills” – Watercolor by Jim Weaver
James and Mary Lou
James and Mary Lou