The weather cooperated, the crowds were huge and friendly, there were friends everywhere, and the best gathering of bands and musicians anywhere. The volunteers and organizers did an awesome job and the vendors brought everything imaginable. It was another amazing experience!

John Jones, Hippies On Vacation

John Jones, Hippies On Vacation

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Pacific Northwest Trails Days

by Dennis Peterson

The Pacific Northwest Trails Days are coming and they need your participation! On Saturday there will be music all day, participation events and presentations, and food. The venue is City Park which has a beautiful broad lawn, shade trees, and plenty of room for kids to play. Hopefully the city won’t run the sprinklers all night (hint hint!).

Sunday will bring opportunities to hike and bike on the beautiful trails that locals and visitors rave about. This is going to be a fun weekend but it will be a huge fun weekend if everyone turns out to enjoy it all.

We’re big fans of Cory Pellegrini and are very happy for him as he takes his music career to the next level and on the road to New York City. He will be auditioning for the television series The Voice and we wish him well. He will be singing a Blake Shelton song and Cory’s hoping Blake will prefer his version over the original.

Cory Pellegrini - A Teresa Hawkins Photo

Cory Pellegrini – A Teresa Hawkins Photo