Run for the Border 2016

It’s come and gone and the memories linger – so much fun! Here’s a photo that defines the moment – wife Nancy Peterson and Colette Biele enjoying the music and atmosphere at the Pastime Bar and Grill:

Nancy and Collette ~ Photo by Leah Palmer
Nancy and Collette ~ Photo by Leah Palmer

Saturday morning began early for myself and Joseph Enzensperger racing against the weather to complete the outdoor stage to be used by the Road Dawgs band coming up from Riverside. Was not to be. With showtime slated for 11:00 am and a steady downpour, Tim Naillon from the Pastime Bar and Grill said to set up indoors and so we did. A power outage that morning put food prep behind a bit, but by noon the band, Lota Duarte, son Mike Duarte, Brock Hires, and “Hillbilly” Mike Blakley were pounding sound into the streets of Oroville. Didn’t take long for the dampened throngs to find warm hospitality, hot food, and good music. And Lordy was the music good.

Lota Duarte and son Mike ~ photo by Leah Palmer
Lota Duarte and son Mike ~ photo by Leah Palmer

This is a band that inspires movement and smiles. That means happy dancers and that’s what we got. Anyone’s guess if it was the rain pouring down or the music pouring out the open doors and windows, but the place was soon packed. No spirits were damped!

The Road Dawgs ~ photo by Leah Palmer
The Road Dawgs ~ photo by Leah Palmer

Speaking of happy, Tim was in the kitchen trying his best to stay ahead of food orders and was seen to be head banging and dancing at the grill and the wait staff were dancing back and forth picking up and delivering orders. The Road Dawgs were having so much fun they blew past the end of show time and kept going and going. Lota said “I don’t know about alla y’all, but we’re having a blast!” Nothing feeds energy into a band like an appreciative and enthusiastic audience and Oroville has the best.

Mike Duarte on bass guitar ~ photo by Leah Palmer
Mike Duarte on bass guitar ~ photo by Leah Palmer

Mike Duarte was all over the bass lines and delivered hard rocking vocals, and Brock Hires, who plays every instrument known to mankind filled in the middle with vocals, keyboard and guitar leads, and Mike Blakley dished up tight rhythms on the drums. It was a solid performance by everyone but there’s something compelling about Lota’s saucy vocals and acoustic guitar that makes the whole show work. The band is appearing regularly around our beautiful Okanogan so watch the calendar here to stay up on where they appear next, and don’t miss them!

It didn’t end there – the Rally at the Border team brought in musicians from all over the PNW and the music continued well into Friday evening with the Jones Street Boys at Veranda Beach, Tuck Foster and the Mossrites at the Pastime followed by an all-star jam, and then started over again the next day at the wineries, and Alpine Brewery with the Deep Water Blues Band, and Polly O’Keary, then Voodoo Church and Lisa Mann back at the Pastime. Esther Bricques hosted our friends the Slippery Slope Band, and Taber’s Copper Mountain barn hosted Clay Warnstaff and Mike Chappel aka the Harley Hunks. And on Sunday Esther Bricques hosted the Mood Swings trio – an engaging and fun trio of women who sing tight harmonies and music that spans several generations – a little something for everyone. If you missed the music at the wineries then you also missed the barrel tasting and there are some awesome offerings coming out of our Okanogan Wineries this year.

Big thanks to Leah Palmer for the awesome photos. More to see in the usual places at Facebook and also to Joseph Enzensperger for volunteering his stage and valuable time to help set it up.

What a fun time to be Okanogan!

Dec 5 ~ Oroville Christmas Tree Lighting and Choir

Tree Lighting Caroling - Photo by Joanie Jones
Tree Lighting Caroling – Photo by Joanie Jones

Festivities begin at 5:00pm but come out early and visit with friends and shop!

The Okanagon International Chorus will be performing at the Oroville Christmas Tree Lighting at Centennial Park. The Tree Lighting is a beautiful event that drives away the Grinch, lifts the spirit, and spreads the joy of music. Please come out and celebrate this special holiday event. And sing your heart out!!

Benefit for Tunk Block and Riverside Fire victims – “With a little help from our friends”

Sunday – September 27, 2015
Riverside City Park
11:00am til the last note falls

Come to Riverside, Washington and support this fund raising benefit performance at Riverside City Park. And don’t forget to bring a good dose of generosity! Hosted by Organizers/Volunteers and the Riverside Volunteer Firefighters Assn.

First cut at the lineup – schedule to follow. People are still calling in! Pardon spelling errors, cell phones were involved.

Lota Duarte – MC
Special Guest Laura Love

Jim Blue, ‘Pepsi’ Bob Houghan, Bob Brewer and the Bad Habits, Jack Burchard, Harry Carlton, Fish Cohoe, Company Band, Road Dawgs, Mike Duarte, Brock Hires, Duffy Hover, Skyhorse ‘Indian Mike’ Lara, Jeremy Johnson, Glen Lisenbee, Terry Llewellyn, Bob Long, Edna Mae Hinger – Accordion, Dave McClure – music, cowboy humor, Tom McCoy, Hillbilly Mike Blakely , Doni Phillips, Phillip Quintasket – Doc Holiday Band, Randy Battle Bluz Band, Ruby Scene – Denny Richardson, Dave Sexton, Slippery Slope – Chuck Oakes … Many more!

Bake Sale ~ Local homemade baked goods (whole pies, cakes, cookies, and brownies)

Heatstroke Screen Printing will be selling Okanogan Strong” t-shirts and hoodies.

Food items needed ~ Beef or regular hot dogs, hamburger and hot dog buns, condiments, onions, celery, Bush’s Original Baked Beans, cupcake and cookie ingredients or fresh baked, beverages, bottled water, coffee, ice, dessert plates, paper boats, aluminum foil, and sanitary gloves and wipes.

Please bring a jacket, lawn chair/blanket and “your own desire to help” and enjoy a day of Fantastic Live Music and Entertainment, Great Food and Fun.

Riverside Benefit Poster - Please Share!
Riverside Benefit Poster – Please Share!