More About Glacial Erratics

Two of my favorite Washington State erratics are not even in Washington – but they were. They’re now down in Oregon, south of Portland, and how they got there… Well, there’s a story I’d like to tell.

Perhaps the most exotic and unlikely erratic in the world got started on its journey a long time ago from a place in the dark emptiness between the stars. It is not only an erratic, it is an iron-nickel meteorite, and it is big. It is the largest such traveler in North America and is a member of the top-ten largest meteorites in the world. We can’t know where or when it fell to Earth as there is no tell-tale crater near it today, so we’ll pick up it’s journey 13,000 years ago when Lake Missoula was formed in Washington, Idaho, and Montana. That lake is going to need an introduction for this tale to make sense.

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Newby Lake Fire is Down But Not Out

Last night’s dinner at Ali Nakkour’s fabulous Sully’s Restaurant in Loomis was over-shadowed, literally,  by the smoke from the Newby Lake fire that appears to have been reborn. Wild fires have a horrific side, but nature has a way of presenting a beautiful side to things. These photos were taken on the road from Loomis to Nighthawk. We also caught a group of goats right across the road from Sully’s having an evening meal.

These fires remind us of the great risk our fire fighters take and everywhere in the North Okanogan there are signs posted by families and businesses giving heart-felt thanks for the work they do.

I have to add a plug for Ali Nakkour and his family – they have the best menu you’re going to find in the North Okanogan, and there are fire fighters all over the area that will attest to that and the personable hospitality you find there. And they’re now featuring your favorite Esther Bricques wines! Let them know you appreciate their support for the most beautiful community you’ve never heard of.


Newby Lake Fire over Palmer Lake
Newby Lake Fire Near Palmer Lake
Newby Lake Fire over Palmer Lake
Newby Lake Fire over Palmer Lake
Newby Lake Fire over Palmer Lake
Newby Lake Fire over Palmer Lake
Goats at Sully's Restaurant
Goats at Sully’s Restaurant

Photos by Nancy Peterson