Okanogan Friday Fun

by Dennis Peterson

Sometimes life just knocks on your door and you’re off to adventure and fun. In this case it came as an email and as happens when stars align, circumstances found me riding my Harley home in 5:30am morning chill from a Wenatchee sleep study lab but with a welcome diversion to the Omak hills. Singer/songwriter Erica Swanson asked me if I’d record a session of her singing a composition she had written and I just can’t say nope to something I like doing, so wife Nancy brought our audio gear from Oroville and we all met in a quiet home on a glacial bench west of the Okanogan River.

The accompanists were Randy Battle and Linda Pruitt of the Randy Battle Bluz Band. I soon had my mics in place and sound-checked, then the artists began collaborating on the music.

Brain storming the session

Brain storming the session – Photo by Nancy Peterson

Time to make some music. Linda used a guiro as a track sync pop for all the microphones (just like a clapboard in the movies) and the music started. 25 seconds in we found a point of confusion in the music and started take 2.

Hot Mics, Take 2

Hot Mics, Take 2 – Photo by Nancy Peterson

This was done to perfection and put in the can. Here’s a teaser:

I then recorded Linda Pruitt’s percussion as a separate track. Erica has the free Audacity mixer software on her PC so I imported the audio tracks, aligned them in time, did some level adjusting and a little mixing magic then burned a demo CD. 30 minutes, I think, from pop to stop. I love working with professionals!

I’ll let Erica share the details as this project continues. Don’t want to be a spoiler, don’tcha know.

Singer/Songwriter Erica Swanson

Singer/Songwriter Erica Swanson – Photo by Nancy Peterson


  1. Such talent. I have the privilege to say “I knew you when…”

  2. Ha! You continually surprise me with your amazing support and generous spirit. I should just give up being surprised. I am infinitely grateful!! Thank you so much, Dennis and Nancy, Randy and Linda, for taking this journey with me.

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