John Jones and Reed Engle are the acoustic bookends of the well-known and loved Hippies on Vacation band in the north Okanogan but occasionally they will play as a duet. And that is what greeted us at the Esther Bricques Winery Music Garden Thursday, Aug 6. And what a sweet evening of music they gave us.

John and Reed have been playing together so long it seems they’ve developed a silent language between them that creates an oh-so-tight bond between their instruments. Their strums, picking, and playing in parts is brilliant, at times spicy, highly dynamic, and moving to the soul. The very gentle vocals complete a performance of soft tonalities, soothing words, spirited rhythms, easy listening.

John Jones and Reed Engle

John Jones and Reed Engle

Enough can’t be said for the beautiful grounds Steve and Linda Colvin have created around the Esther Bricques winery. A broad expanse of green lawn, age-old trees, fields of grapes, and a vista usually reserved for postcards embrace the visitors, and the expertly crafted wines and fabulous breads, cheeses, snack crackers and fruit complete the relaxing experience and feeling you are among the best of friends. This is a very family-friendly winery, and toddlers dancing to the music bring smiles while the older kids keep family pets busy fetching toys or playing in the sprinklers. Make the time to visit each Thursday evening to enjoy this experience.

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