Reprinted in part from the Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune from April 28, 2016


OROVILLE – Oroville High School FBLA students attended an exceptional state conference in Spokane, Wash. this past week. Exceptional in that two year officer and outgoing state president, Tori Kindred and Vice President, representing the north central region, Ellamae Burnell, would be key players in the management and implementation of the state conference. Also special even though Kindred and Burnell would be exiting their office, that Jennifer Cisneros would be beginning her role as the new Vice President representing the North Central Region. Cisneros will preside over the region for the 2016-17 school year.

With a final word of advice as Washington State Future Business Leaders of America, President Kindred spoke to a group of over two thousand FBLA members and advisers and had these words of advice in her farewell to the membership, “Love who you are, lean on those who love you and don’t be afraid because you are amazing. Washington State Future Business Leaders of America dream big no matter what your obstacles may be and smile even bigger. It has been my honor to serve you, thank you.” Kindred, Burnell, and Mikaela McCoy, as well as Bailey Griffin will travel to national competition. Vice President, Jennifer Cisneros will attend the national conference with the state executive team and will work with her team at the conference.

See the entire story at the Gazette-Tribune in the April 28 Green Edition on page A5.

If you would like to support these upcoming community leaders visit and make yourself proud to be Okanogan. Visit the Washington State Future Business Leaders of America site to learn more about the program.

<p style="text-align: right;"><strong><em>Submitted photo</em></strong></p><p> <em>Those attending the State FBLA Conference in Spokane were (l-r) <strong>Yessica Nemecio</strong>, <strong>Lena Fuchs</strong>, <strong>Elijah Burnell</strong>, <strong>Ellamae Burnell</strong>, <strong>Dakota Haney</strong>, <strong>Tori Kindred</strong>, <strong>Courtnee Kallstrom</strong>, Adviser <strong>Tony Kindred</strong>, <strong>Jennifer Cisneros</strong>, <strong>Mikaela McCoy</strong>, and <strong>Baily Griffin</strong>.</em>

Submitted photo

Those attending the State FBLA Conference in Spokane were (l-r) Yessica Nemecio, Lena Fuchs, Elijah Burnell, Ellamae Burnell, Dakota Haney, Tori Kindred, Courtnee Kallstrom, Adviser Tony Kindred, Jennifer Cisneros, Mikaela McCoy, and Baily Griffin.


  1. Nancy Peterson

    So proud of all the FBLA members for their dedication to their future. I don’t know who all the members or current officers are except Mikaela McCoy who is current President of the Oroville chapter of FBLA. Each and all members should step forward and be recognized for their hard work. And good luck at Nationals!

  2. These kids work so hard to be the best in what they do. Never, in the history of FBLA in Oroville have we been blessed to have FIVE students go to Nationals. What an accomplishment for our little town! The PSA team came in First in all of Washington state, and Bailey came in second for the entire state in her category. Their trip to Atlanta costs money that the parents just do not have. Please donate to the go fund me account to help support their trip to the National competition.

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