Endless Winter

By James Gutschmidt

This is the year of the endless winter in the North Okanogan Highlands. The snow fall topped 3 feet. We’re going into April with over two feet of snow and more expected. Every vehicle here in our neighborhood has been stuck in the snow or mud or broken down multiple times. Early March brought 18 inches of snow, and whiteout conditions.

White Out in March
White Out in March

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Old Oroville seen through a new lens

I have this old photo of Oroville, Washington on my computer and it has always been of interest because it shows Oroville from about the same viewing angle as where I live. There are some buildings and features that are well documented and some still exist, though changed with time. Yesterday I happened to be viewing this image along with a set of newer images and was suddenly dumbstruck by something I’d overlooked earlier. A house in the old photo is still there, and the angle of reference was remarkably similar to what I can see looking out my window. Clearly the person who took that photo was standing very near then to where I am today. Here is the older photo looking southeast toward Oroville’s old downtown.

Here is a more recent photo taken from the deck of our home.

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