The weather cooperated, the crowds were huge and friendly, there were friends everywhere, and the best gathering of bands and musicians anywhere. The volunteers and organizers did an awesome job and the vendors brought everything imaginable. It was another amazing experience!

John Jones, Hippies On Vacation

John Jones, Hippies On Vacation

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Autumn Stroll

by Guest Author

Autumn Stroll
By James Gutschmidt
September 28, 2016

I’m out for a stroll in the Great Okanogan Highlands;


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Farmers Market, Oroville, Great Food

by James Gutschmidt

Some things are just great, unsurpassed. Like: homemade apple pie, a freshly mowed dandelion patch, (see pic), a man and his dog, and a great burger. I’m not talking about something run of the mill, here. I’m talking a great masterpiece.

I’m talking about Tina’s Burgers at the Farmers Market, Saturdays, in Oroville. There is no fanfare involved with these burgers. Place your order. Wait for Tina to custom barbeque it. A little mayo, a little ketchup, barbeque sauce, that’s out of this world, on a glazed bun, and, Voila, the best burger I’ve had in 50 years.

Oh, and did I tell you, the meat is from her own Irish Dexter, grass fed beef raised here in the great Okanogan? Butchered ground and certified, it’s the quality ingredients that make it right; worth traveling for.

“Masterpiece” That’s the term used by Greg Palmer to describe the “Cheese Deluxe” hamburgers that were fashioned at the Samoa Drive-In on Mercer Island 50 years ago.

Being spoiled in my youth, I remember well those burgers on Mercer Island. Quality goods made it good. And, I have waited 50 years till now, for the like.

If you were wondering, and like to read, I would recommend Greg Palmer’s Memoir “Cheese Deluxe.” It’s an interesting anecdote of the Samoa Drive-In, from 50 years ago, and a sometimes humorous account of upscale, 1960’s youthful characters, and their escapades. It’s remembered from the perspective of a pubescent, but mildly intellectual, short order cook. He’s changed the names, but I know them all well, because I was there. The chapter on the Golden Horseshoe is especially entertaining. And, the Samoa Burgers were a complete “masterpiece,” as described in chapter one. It’s reminiscent of small town life, before condos and tower cranes, kinda like Oroville.

By the way, don’t forget to take in the other exhibits at the Oroville Farmer’s Market. If you were wondering, Tina is the assistant cook at Oroville Senior Center, lunches served Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Noteworthy farmers at the Oroville Farmers’ Market, Saturdays.

The German Sausages melt in your mouth. Jim Weaver and Ken Zimmerlee

The German Sausages melt in your mouth. Jim Weaver and Ken Zimmerlee

Is that Dennis Peterson on the ukulele? Randy Battle Bluz Band

Is that Dennis Peterson on the ukulele? Randy Battle Bluz Band

Highland Beauty
Fresh Mow

Nothing is more beautiful than a freshly mowed dandelion patch in the Okanogan Highlands, 12 miles east of Oroville. The picture is taken from our dining room window, looking west. Great place to be.

Article by James Gutschmidt on special loan to North Okanogan – an Online Magazine. All rights reserved by international copyright laws.

P.S. For the editor. I thoroughly enjoyed the music, and your harmonica, at the Farmers Market. Great sound.

If you had chicken pox you are vulnerable to shingles. Period. Shingles is a re-emergence of dormant virii that your body has been harboring perhaps for decades. A shingles outbreak can be triggered by stresses, and these outbreaks can be recurring. There are all manner of fact sheets that detail the life cycle of this disease but there are just a few things that you need to know.

  • It is definitely not “an old person’s” disease!
  • It is extremely painful – 24 hours a day, for weeks.
  • You may never suffer from it but if you do it will likely be with you intermittently all your life.
  • There is a vaccine that can help avoid the initial outbreak with 50% effectiveness
  • Not all people should receive the vaccine.
  • If you wait too long to preemptively treat this affliction your quality of life can suffer badly and at unpredictable intervals.

Discuss this with your doctor to learn more about the disease, risks, and moderating those risks. I learned the hard way that putting this off is a bad idea.

Pacific Northwest Trails Days

by Dennis Peterson

The Pacific Northwest Trails Days are coming and they need your participation! On Saturday there will be music all day, participation events and presentations, and food. The venue is City Park which has a beautiful broad lawn, shade trees, and plenty of room for kids to play. Hopefully the city won’t run the sprinklers all night (hint hint!).

Sunday will bring opportunities to hike and bike on the beautiful trails that locals and visitors rave about. This is going to be a fun weekend but it will be a huge fun weekend if everyone turns out to enjoy it all.