Article Submission

We want your stories

We are seeking stories from the community. If you enjoy writing and would like to contribute to our online magazine all you need do is submit your article to us via email. The community is defined loosely as all of Okanogan county, all of the Okanagan region of Canada, and north central Washington state area that would include Wenatchee to the south, Winthrop to the west, and Colville to the east.

We want your ideas

If you have a story idea but don’t wish to create the story, let us know what you have and we’ll consider treating it as an internal project. And you will get credit for the story idea!

Topics we’re interested in

If your article is the kind of story one is likely to see in a flight magazine in the pocket of the seat in front of you while flying to some exotic place then we’re probably interested. We are particularly interested in first-person stories about the history and people of the region. We’re very much advocates of our region including the geology, geography, all living things, our natural recreational areas, lakes, streams, people, and businesses.

If you are a business owner please submit a story about what you do. We want to help you to become more successful. As an aside, at no cost we will also make space in the sidebar available for your artfully made and properly sized business card/advert.

We are unapologetic supporters of musicians, artists, poets, crafts persons, choirs, buskers, and musically oriented flash mobs. We will even bend our rules to help you be seen and heard. If you have an organization, club, foundation, or association with a focus of any of these topics we would like to share your story with our readers.

Partisan politics are strongly discouraged as there exists no shortage of publications where that can be covered, but we do support community advocacy. For example if you think your community needs and should have a repertory theater, and it probably does, we’re here for you. If you wonder why neither Oroville nor North Korea can be seen from space at night we might even help you write that story. If you are concerned we have an over-abundance of ball sports facilities that are rarely used but not a single place for our teens to show off their garage bands, we want to know.

Spanish language Articles

We fully support submitting articles written for our Spanish-speaking friends and neighbors. An attempt will be made to make an English translation version available, too, but we make no promises it will be as good as the original.


Photography is an important part of our site. Your article stands a substantially better chance of being published if it arrives with good images. Preferred are links to image-hosting sites rather than attaching photos in your email. Except in the case of historical images that were snapshots of dubious technical quality or fleeting images hastily shot while witnessing Sasquatch or space aliens, we discourage snapshot-style photography and we won’t touch selfies. All photographs must be unburdened by digital rights regulations, copyrights, and ownership rights to the media as well as the imagery. If you scan an image you must have rights to the original. People must give their permission to have their persons published. Especially so for images of children.

Article Review

We reserve the right to adjust your article for spelling, grammar, accuracy, brevity, acceptable topic, the seven words you can’t say on television, inflammatory content, etc. If your article is a rant you should probably share it on a social media site.


We don’t charge anyone for anything, we don’t accept paid advertising. All costs of running this site are out of our pockets, so we appreciate that there are people out there that write for the love of writing. But we’re willing to negotiate for very well-written articles.

Our demographic

Based on web server metrics approximately 85% of our readership is local to the Pacific Northwest (about 75% of that segment is within our region defined above) and the rest is spread out across the US and around the world. We do not include search engines in our results.

Privacy policy

We collect no information beyond page hits and approximate geographic location of our visitors. The granularity is generally at the national, state, or county level. We have no use for additional information because we’re entirely self-funded and don’t need to prove to our advertisers that we have market penetration. We don’t have paid advertisers. We don’t even have a tip jar.

What we’re not

We’re not a news paper. The Okanogan (and the Okanagan) is privileged to have excellent news papers that covers important local, regional, and national news. That’s not what we do. The closest thing that comes to mind for what we do is magazines. The grand old days of Post, Life, and others of that genre are alive again in the internet where publishing costs approach zero.

We don’t have anything to sell. We’re not a vendor, store front, or provider of for-hire services.

Contact the editor

If you have any questions about our interest in your article you can send us an email describing it or including a sample of your writing. If you wonder if you are a good enough writer you probably are. Let us see what you have.

Submissions or questions should be sent to