Autumn Stroll

Autumn Stroll
By James Gutschmidt
September 28, 2016

I’m out for a stroll in the Great Okanogan Highlands;


The colors are out of this world;


And timeless!


Don’t miss out on the autumn color displays that our Highlands folk love to experience this time of year. Nothing compares; Worth travelling for. Take an Autumn Stroll.
Come to a place where time stands still.

Article by James Gutschmidt is on special loan to North Okanogan – an Online Magazine. All rights reserved by international copyright laws.

2 Replies to “Autumn Stroll”

  1. James Gutschmidt writes: “I donated a framed print of “Autumn Stroll” to the Oroville Senior Citizens. They sold tickets and held a drawing The ticket sales netted $750.00, to defray the cost of installing a new kitchen range. We can thank Roberta and Carl Cole for their superb salesmanship. Liz Grunst was the prize winner.”

    Thank you again, James!

  2. James – thank you for this beautiful brevity of nature that you call home. It is so completely characteristic of what we enjoy from reader-submitted posts. All the more enjoyable for us is that you have this so close to hearth and home and that your photography has warmly conveyed your idyllic with perfection. Truly, the Okanogan is depth of beauty found where it lay, beckoning the eager visitor at all seasons. How better to entice visitors to our very special region than through such quality first person presentations.

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