Busking in the Park

Songsters Erica Swanson and Dennis Peterson braved stiff cool breezes to play ukuleles and sing under the gazebo at Centennial Park in Oroville. The players strummed merrily for nearly three fun hours with Nancy Peterson joining in the singing. All agreed it was great fun to play under the beautiful blue north Okanogan sky even if it was necessary to chase after the music in the wind. This may happen again soon – come on by if you see anyone with an ukulele!

Dennis and Erica Strumming in the Park
Dennis and Erica Strumming in the Park
Photo by Nancy Peterson

4 Replies to “Busking in the Park”

  1. This is a great idea, and that’s a good spot for Busk Central Station. I look forward to joining in—- but the weather has to get a wee bit warmer for my blood. See you then!

    1. We brought them in. Also brought an extra ukulele, a guitar, a mandolin, and a washtub bass just in case some local talent wanted to join us. I even pulled out a harmonica for a few tunes. Erica was playing her baritone ukulele and I played a tenor uke. The event was kind of spontaneous – really no time to organize. Kind of fun that way.

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