Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

For growing very expensive daffodils, perhaps? I drove by this project a view days ago on my way up to Nine-mile road and commented to my wife that if I were to build a legal pot grow-op it would look pretty much like this. Seeing 12′ fences along the roadside caught me by surprise – didn’t know this was coming.  I don’t have an opinion one way or the other yet regarding the product, so I’m going to have to think about this for a while and explore how these operations have worked out in other small towns and any impact on their liveability index, however, the fencing is butt-ugly. It does give me angst to consider this might be a common sight up and down the Okanogan and Columbia rivers. I still haven’t adjusted to seeing wind turbine farms blemishing our beautiful state.

Calendar and Event Sharing

We’re putting a lot of effort into our calendar pages. I’ve been frustrated trying to find what events are going on in the Okanogan because the information is scattered across the internet and some are even buried in unreachable social media pages unless you have an account with them. I don’t. Too busy for that. So we’ve added a way for our visitors to help out. There is an Event link in the menu bar above that will let you fill in a form, or if you prefer you can send an email with essentially the same information. What is needed in each submission is the name of the event, the times and dates, where the venue is, and who the organizer is. Email and web page links help a great deal. Bonus points if you can provide any details about the event. Especially for recurring events, historic interest and prior participants. That makes it fun and compelling.
Calendar image
And so you can find what we’re putting so much effort into, we’ve added a link in the menu bar to our calendar. We hope this makes it easier for all of us to find interesting events coming up soon in our Okanogan.