Remembering Fred

Fred William Cook
Tonasket, Wash.
November 7, 1960 – August 17, 2014

Fred William Cook was born in Tonasket, Wash., on Nov.7, 1960 to Howard P. Cook and Eva B. Spangler.

Fred was known by many names: Uncle Fred, Freddie Crocker, Fast Freddie, Freddie the Toolman to name a few. He WAS a one of a kind guy. Fred made fun happen, from what we called Okanogan style golf (from our yard into the orchards) to always having something with wheels for our kids and many other kids to play and ride on when at our house, making bow & arrows out of sticks and strings just last month for a couple of our friend’s grandchildren. It was never boring when hanging out with Fred – he was inventive and adventurous, always busy. He worked hard and played hard. Like his dad, Fred also had an awesome talent in welding and creating things like a dinosaur, an alien and spaceship, a robot man, and a pterodactyl, to name a few…and a train he built with close friends one winter. Fred built his 1st boom truck out of a 1972 Chevy – he also built his boom on it.

Fred started walking at the age of 8 months and never slowed down…His smile was infectious and he always lent a helping hand.

He began working as a child, helping his father in any task at the time. He worked in orchards as a teenager. He worked at a local apple shed. He pumped gas at a station in Oroville. About the age of 21, he started working for Nulton’s Irrigation and was there until he started his own business at the age of 32.

In 1993, Fred started his own business called Cooks Cutting Edge Inc., an irrigation and water pump business. Any type of water problem – Fred could figure it out! From installing and repairing pumps, lawn systems, orchard irrigation and not to mention any type of plumbing problem: he carried both plumbing and electrical licenses! He was a dedicated man to his profession and to anyone’s need for anything.

Also, from a boy under his father’s guide and all through his life he mastered mechanics. Like his father Howard, whom Fred admired deeply, their motto was “that if it’s been made or done once, it can be done again.” Fred loved a challenge, and would hardly rest until he figured out whatever was in front of him. It was normal for him to work 10-14 hour days; dinner time was never easy to plan.

Fred had a big heart too, if someone needed help in most any way he was out the door day or night to help them.

Fred had lived in Tonasket and Oroville most all of his life and has had many life-long friends which he enjoyed so much. He graduated in Oroville, the class of 1979 and had kept strong friendships with them.

Fred had so many characters, fun and smiling, goofy, humorous, awesome, kind and loving, caring, curious, creative, non-judgmental, joyful, helpful…this man amplified life and joy!

Fun times were going to the beaches, both at the ocean and our local lakes. He enjoyed canoeing, fishing, camping, rock music and dancing, road trips, but most of all his family.

Fred was preceded in death by his father; one sister; and one brother.

He is survived by his wife, Jessie; mother, Eva; daughters, Nikki and Kayla; son, Wayne Rieb; grandson, Khai; sisters, Ann Cook, Kathy (Dennis) Bendickson; brothers, Jim Cook, Steve (Teri) Cook; and many numerous nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends.

In comfort know these things: He asked Jesus into his life several years ago. He had a great time with his classmates those last hours. He did not suffer. He is now finally resting.