Home town guitar hero headed to New York

We’re big fans of Cory Pellegrini and are very happy for him as he takes his music career to the next level and on the road to New York City. He will be auditioning for the television series The Voice and we wish him well. He will be singing a Blake Shelton song and Cory’s hoping Blake will prefer his version over the original.

Cory Pellegrini - A Teresa Hawkins Photo
Cory Pellegrini – A Teresa Hawkins Photo

13 Replies to “Home town guitar hero headed to New York”

  1. You’ll do great Cory! We’ll be watching! You definitely have this small little town behind you no matter what! Win or lose you will be a great inspiration to us all! You go boy!

  2. Good Luck Cory!! We know you’ll do great!!! Give it all to the man upstairs! Much love, Mike and Tracy

  3. We are rooting for you, Corey! Can’t wait til you come play at The Naches Tavern in Greenwater! We think you are worthy of notice … A great musician!

  4. Congrats Cory! You are an Amazing Musician and Artist! You will go far beyond what you ever imagined! Happy for you!

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