Kitty Cat Extraordinaire ~ A story about Chester Alan Arthur Gutschmidt

Contributed by James and Mary Lou Gutshmidt

“I shed a tear till I see you again.” Chester Chester loves sleeping on our bed in the daytime.  He owns that bed. “I love the bed.”  Chester On the bed. Sometimes he gets there before it’s made. “Cozy – Comfy.”  Chester “Pink is my favorite color in the morning, in the quiet corner.”  Chester “My very own love Seat at night.”  “Wow, Flashbulb!”  Chester Afternoon nap in the doorway.  “Don’t step on me!”  Chester Mommy’s helper.  “Umm goodies.”  Chester Rubbing on the refrigerator means – “I want milk!”  Chester Smile!  “What?”  Chester “Oh, how nice it is sleeping on pillows.”  Chester “And, those laazzy, lazy summer afternoons.”  Chester “Back porch delight!”  Chester Where oh where is Chester?” A story about Chester Alan Arthur Gutschmidt.  He was named after the 21st president of the United States.  He was born May 4, 2001.  He truly is extraordinary. Pictures and captions are by James and Mary Lou Gutshmidt. And, were written for our grand children on November 16, 2013. Post script:  Chester is now 14, going on 15 years old.  Ancient for the Extreme North Okanogan Highlands where there are coyotes, cougars, bears, hawks, eagles, and, oh yes, ferocious weasels.  Now, weasels, that’s another story.  And, I don’t want to forget to tell you about the chickens; another time. James Update: August, 2018. Beloved Chester Alan Arthur Gutshmidt has sung his final song of his people in this Earthly realm and is at rest in kitty heaven. — editor