Veranda Beach

What the customers are saying:

The perfect family vacation spot if you like water and sun. Our family looks forward to it every year—even with the kids now firmly in their teens and beyond.

It’s like stepping into Pleasantville. Every home is perfectly manicured and it’s a quaint little community feeling.

Think back to the family vacations you had as a child. Remember kicking your shoes off and going barefoot in the sand? The sound of a screen door slamming shut? How about the thrill of getting up on water skis for the first time? Or how you could hardly wait to see your summertime friends again? If you recall those family vacations, then you already understand our vision.

Veranda Beach hosts a Tesla Destination Charger.

  • (509) 476-4000
  • 299 Eastlake Rd, Oroville, Washington, 98844