Time’s Fate? Walking on the Clouds

By: James Gutschmidt  Peering into the looking glass, there is no future, there is no past. The present tense is mere non-sense. This bit of wisdom shall cost you only fifty cents. Fifty cents.image1 Alas, and such an instant in time is as that mirror’s reflected face. Mysterious, yet it is, untouchable in its haste to be in the place where time’s fate gives flight. Time’s Fate gives flight. Or, maybe, is it God’s split second view from such an awesome height that is such an intoxicating sight? Come with. Let’s go walking on the clouds. Walking on the clouds.   To snatch that place where time’s fate has its moment, its own life’s pace with unexpected grace. Unexpected grace.     Time breathlessly awaits its fate in a hideaway, there, to possess the splendor, modestly, expectantly, grasped at, and then hastily spent. Splendor hastily spent. It laughingly knows that anticipation is all that is, and is greater, by far, in its beauty, than the expected event. Just ask Gracie. (Our dog.) Gracie. We may not be rich, but my God, what a view! Whew! Whew! A place where time stands still, With Gracie, in the winter. In the Winter.  Curiously, the future is unknown until it’s gone. The only way to predict the future is by examining the past, and that is truly an uncertainty.   It’s somewhat like looking into the rear view mirror, while driving the car. By divine intervention we don’t drive off of the cliff. Sounds a lot like life? I guess so. If you think about it, there really is no present tense. Time moves from the future to the past without pause. There is a transition, but never an identifiable “moment in time.” I guess the only possible way to attempt to capture the moment is by photography. Or, come to a place where time stands still.

Time’s Fate? Walking on the Clouds.

Text and photographs are provided by James Gutschmidt from location in the Extreme Okanogan Highlands, 4,000 foot elevation, walking on the clouds, with Gracie, in the winter. All rights reserved under International Copyright Law. Except, for this special release to North Okanogan – An Online Magazine. April 25, 2016. James Gutschmidt, 2 Kipling Pl., Oroville, WA 98844  

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